I have been trying to post more regularly. Some weeks I manage it. Other weeks I’m not as successful.

This week, I don’t have as much news. Just bits and pieces, really.

Point #1: the 2016 Write Stuff bundle is ending this week.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of this great collection of writing books, you need to act quickly. It’s going away.

The Write Stuff 2016 ad


Point #2: The Not Only Humans bundle is also ending this week.

This is a fun bundle with lots of really different, fun stories in it.



Point #3: In July, I’m starting a new workshop for cover design. I’ll be posting more about that every week for the next few weeks. Let’s just say I’m really excited about this new workshop!


Point #4: I’ve been writing. A lot.

“The Princess Troll”, which is the sequel to “The Changeling Troll” will be out in August.

“Spoiled Harvest”, the third of the Cassie stories and sequel to “Poisoned Pearls” and “Tainted Waters” will be out in October.

This month, I’m finishing up Tong Yi’s story, writing the rest of the novel started with his stories (“Dancing with Tong Yi”, “War on all Fronts”, and “The Sweet Shop”).

This novel is different than others I’ve written. It started out as stories, and has continued as such. At this point I think there are only three more “stories” to finish out the entire novel. They’re titles currently are: “The Immortals’ War”, “Girls’ Night Out”, and “Kiss. And Make Up.”

I hope to finish the Tong Yi stories by the end of June. If I can make that deadline, this novel may be available before the end of the year.

Point #5: The Island Sampler is just about finished!

As I’ve said before, I write all over the map.

So I created a map, trying to figure out just what I wrote, as well as to help readers find what they want to read.

Then I created a “sampler” of all the different types of thing I wrote, and am compiling it into a single entity.

Once the sampler is finished, I’ll be sending it out to everyone who has signed up for my newsletter, and as a free gift for anyone who signs up for my newsletter.


Point #6: Not sure there is a point #6. So have a picture of a kitty instead.



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