I have a new Business For Breakfast book! It’s an actual craft book. It’s the follow-on to Business for Breakfast, Volume 3: The Beginning Professional Storyteller by Blaze Ward.

But this? Is the intermediate professional storyteller.

I know. I know. I’m not much past being a beginning writer myself.


While there’s always another mountain range to climb, more to learn about the craft of writing, I’m no longer strictly in the beginning foothills.  I feel as though I’m firmly in the intermediate hills, and sometimes doing advanced stuff.

So I actually think I’m the perfect person to write this. Because I’m looking at the craft from the perspective of having written 20 novels. (That’s not a typo. I’m just about to start novel #21.) Not 200 novels. Not merely 1-2. (Seriously. Those people who are selling writing/craft workshops who have written only 2 novels? Yeah. No.)

Does this set of books, the beginning and intermediate professional storyteller, interest you?

Then read on! I have SUCH A DEAL for you.

For the next 24 hours, if you purchase the entire 2016 Write Stuff story bundle, and email me your proof of purchase, I’ll email you a zip file containing the epub and mobi of BOTH Business for Breakfast Volume 3 AND Volume 4. (Email to Leah @

Seriously. That gives you 12 books for a minimum of $15.


So go! Now! Buy books! Contribute to a marvelous charity!

But again, my BOGO only lasts for 24 hours.

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