In just a few weeks, starting July 13th, I’m offering a workshop in how to do your own covers.

Creating professional looking covers that will make a reader want to pick up your book is one of the most important skills that an indie-writer/publisher can learn.

Though every genre has its own specifics, there are some general principles of what makes a professional looking cover.

This workshop teaches you how to create covers for ebooks as well as print books. It teaches you how to look at a cover and see what makes a professional cover versus and amateur one.

This workshop lasts three weeks. It is taught using InDesign, which is the industry standard for creating print interiors. It costs $200.

To sign up for a cover workshop, click here.


The Fantasy in the City bundle is still going! And yes, I will be offering a BOGO for it next week. So get your copy today!

As part of the bundle, the curator, Jamie Ferguson, was interviewed here:

Interview with Jamie Ferguson


And in other news, look what I’m publishing in a couple of weeks!

A short comic teaching children (and adults) about autism.

By the young woman who I’ve mentored for years! More information soon.


And yes, in August, (August 16th) I will have a new novel! Here’s the blurb:

Most trolls have no natural magical ability. However, Christine does. Enchanted powders swirl up when she walks by. Charms glow.

What happens when Christine tries to direct her magical powers?

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Something blocks Christine from reaching her full magical potential.

But what?

“The Princess Troll”—the second novel in The Seattle Trolls trilogy and the delightful continuation “The Changeling Troll”—follows Christine on her journeys through a skewed Seattle and her encounters with outrageous and whimsical characters. A coming of age tale for all ages!


Uhmmmm – I think that’s it for this Friday madness. Hope y’all have a good weekend!