So here in the US we’re celebrating Independence Day, July 4th.

I figure I can add to the celebration and kick the weekend off right by offering a BOGO!


Go and buy the full version of the Fantasy in the City bundle over at BundleRabbit:

That’s 20 short stories for $3.99.

Email me your proof of purchase (email to Leah AT LeahCutter DOT com) during the next twenty four hours.

I’ll send you the epub and mobi versions of the next Huli Transport story: “Dancing with Tong Yi”.

I am just about finished with the novel that is all about Huli  Transport and Tong Yi, called, “The Immortals’ War”. (Might finish this weekend, more likely will finish sometime next week.) Currently, that novel is scheduled to be published in December, 2016.


The blurb for “Dancing with Tong Yi”:

Tong Yi works for Huli Transport, a company that specializes in rides and transportation for those who aren’t quite human.
When the newest job comes up—delivering a message to Zhang Guo Lao, one of the Eight Immortals—Tong Yi assumes the job will be tricky because the immortal likes to play games.

He has no idea that Zhang Guo Lao isn’t the only one interested in “dancing” with him.

The other Tong Yi stories are “War On All Fronts” and “The Sweet Shop”.

They’re collected together here:

So go! BOGO!

This offer ends July 1st 2016, at or around 6 PM PST.

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