The 2016 Write Stuff Bundle!

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Yup. I’m in another bundle. SO EXCITED about this one.

I mean, look at that line up! LAWRENCE BLOCK. CAT RAMBO. JOANNA PENN.

And, well, me. Plus some other big names who you may have heard of. Like Mindy Klasky, and Kris Rusch, and Dean Smith, and Gerald Weinberg. And Tonya Price.

Seriously. I feel so honored to be invited to participate in this.


Here’s some of the official write up about the bundle, from the curator, Kristine Kathryn Rusch:

Hundreds of writing books get published every year, and most of those books are written by people who have written…a book on writing. I kid you not. These people have a method or a scheme or they teach a writing class—even though I have no idea how they get those gigs. (Okay, I do. They get an MFA, which universities seem to think is more important than actual writing experience.)

Those writing books have nothing in common with the writing books in this bundle. Together, the authors of the books in The Write Stuff Bundle 2016 have more than two-hundred years of writing experience, and have contributed more than five hundred award-winning and bestselling books (fiction and nonfiction) to the world of literature.

We know writing, the writing life, and what makes a writing career. And we want to share it all with you.

These are some amazing books. From some amazing people.

If you’re unfamiliar with bundles, they go like this:

If you spend $5, you can get these books:

The Fieldstone Method: Weinberg on Writing, Stages of a Fiction Writer, The Rational Writer, Business For Breakfast, and How To Negotiate Anything.

HOWEVER. If you spend $15, you can get the entire bundle, which includes:

Writing The Novel From Plot To Print To Pixel, Heinlein’s Rules, Creating an Online Presence, The Writer’s Business Plan, and How To Make a Living From Your Writing.

You can also specify that a portion of your purchase goes to a charity. This bundle supports The Pearl Foundation, promotes education by endowing scholarships. The scholarships focus on returning students, who have been away from school for more than five years. Those students need a lot of financial assistance because they often have families, mortgages, and all those other expenses of adulthood.

So…get an education while giving an education. Pick up The Write Stuff 2016—and have fun!

But remember, this deal only lasts for a limited time.

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