This morning, finished the first draft of Spoiled Harvest!!!!! This is the third book in The Cassie Stories. I’m going to give it a month’s rest, look it over one last time, then send it to first readers.

Currently, I’m planning on an October publishing date.

I’m currently cat sitting in Lincoln City. Here’s a shot of the view from my writing computer this morning:



Rough life, I know.

The plan is for me to “clear the decks” as it were. I have a short story I must write, several others I have to clean up.

Then next week, I start the next novel! I wrote three stories about the Immortals’ War for the Uncollected Anthology. (Dancing With Tong Yi, War On All Fronts, and The Sweet Shop.) Now it’s time to finish the full story with a novel. Well, kind of. Writer brain thinks there are three more “episodes” to the story, already named and some idea of what happens. We’ll see when I actually start writing.


There will be other NEWS later this week!

In the meanwhile, have a kitty picture. Because. Kitty.


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