Middlings Bundle ad 2016

Woo AND hoo!

It’s time for a BOGO!

I’m kicking off the week with one. Stay tuned, some of the other FABULOUS authors in the bundle are also going to participate this week!

The deal is this:

Buy the full bundle. $12 for 12 books. SUCH A DEAL.

Email me (leah at leahcutter dot com) the receipt from Bundle Rabbit, showing that you’ve bought all the books.

I will email you a link and a password to a page on my website. From there, you can download a free copy of When The Moon Over Kualina Mountain Comes. This is a dark, epic fantasy novel, kind of in line with the story I have in the bundle.

This deal only lasts for the next 24 hours, so until 2:30 PST on Tuesday, April 19th.

Here’s the blurb of the novel:

When the red moon rises directly over Kualina Mountain, madness follows.

—Southern Islands proverb

Centuries ago, fate forced the witches to move from the mainland to the Southern Islands. The peace–loving people there accepted and welcomed them.

Now, centuries later, the gods begin to make their will known again.

Ephanie, a young northern witch, waits impatiently. The certainty of youth fills her, assures her that she will do important things in her life. Then her destiny finds her, but it isn’t what she thought it would be.

Jahaka also waits, but for a sign. As head priestess of the northern witches, she despises the changes she sees in the witches, the corruption of their magic. How can she lead her people back to purity?

Mahina lives in the jungle, unclear which dreams come from her and which belong to her sisters. Until the goddess gives her a sign and the southern witches come back into their power.

Each of them must follow her own destiny to the bitter end, despite the cost.

All the while, war surfs toward them, carried on western winds.

A name is just a vase for the girl until it overflows into the woman.

—Northern proverb

Sooooo…for a short time only. Twenty four hours. You’ll actually get THIRTEEN books for just $12.

Hurry and get yours!