New Audio Book Now Available!

(What, you thought it would be all bundles all the time? Pshaw. I have news!)

Aches, Pains, and Love, by Kira Lynn, is now available in audio!


From the blurb:

Are you living with chronic pain or illness, or both? Have you given up on having an intimate, romantic relationship?

Twenty years ago, a doctor told Kira Lynne that she would never be able to have an intimate relationship due to her chronic health conditions. Having proven that doctor wrong, Kira set out to write a book for people living with chronic pain and illness who believe the door has closed on their prospects for love and relationships.

Living with chronic pain and illness can feel overwhelming, never mind adding intimacy into the mix. Yet, even though hundreds of thousands of people in North America alone suffer from such conditions, very little has been published on dating and relationships for people with chronic pain and illness. Aches, Pains, and Love addresses that need with wisdom, compassion, and humour.

This is a book about hope, especially for those who feel that a loving relationship is beyond their reach due to their health conditions. You can have a loving, fulfilling partnership when you live with chronic pain and illness. It is possible to live joyfully in spite of illness and pain, to make new friends, deepen connections, and find lasting love and companionship in an intimate relationship.

Both entertaining and practical, Aches, Pains, and Love provides a step-by-step guide to getting the love you want, regardless of your physical condition. From creating a strong personal foundation to finding prospective partners, to dating, to sex and beyond, Kira offers a host of real-life stories, frank practical observations, and specific tools that will help you decide what you really desire in a loving relationship and guide you toward achieving that happiness.

Available at your favorite retailers, including audio!

This is a new audio book published by Knotted Road Press. (The ebook and print book are published by Moppet Press.)

This is a new, exciting service that KRP is offering. I’m working with some Canadian writers to publish their audio books (for technical reasons, they can’t get into the ACX program.)

So go! Check it out!


In addition to the bundles, I’m still offering workshops.

The next print interiors workshop starts May 10th.

At this point, we are still on schedule to start offering the covers workshop in June. (Fingers crossed everything continues to go well!)

If you’re interested, feel free to email me about it. Or visit the site:

About the Workshops


And yeah, there’s still that bundle. More on that later.

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