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I learned a new term this last week – BOGO – stands for Buy One, Get One (free, I’m assuming…)

So I’ve decided to put this term into use!

As some of y’all may have noticed, I’m part of a storybundle right now, the Women in Fantasy bundle. (

My novel, “The Raven and the Dancing Tiger” is part of the extended set of books. It’s the first book in The Shadow Wars Trilogy.

From now until 12:00 Noon Pacific Time tomorrow, that is Friday, February 12th) I’m holding a BOGO sale!

Here’s how it works:

1. If you’ve bought a copy of the full StoryBundle, send an email to with proof of purchase—this can be a forward of the email confirming your purchase.
2. I’ll email you a link to a private page on my website, along with the password, so you can download the second novel in The Shadow Wars trilogy “The Guardian Hound”.
3. If you’ve already got a copy of “The Guardian Hound”, please let me know, and I’ll send you the files for the third book instead, “War Among the Crocodiles.” (If you already have the trilogy, let me know, and we’ll figure out something else to send you.)

For more information about “The Raven and the Dancing Tiger” and to download a free ebook sample, click here:

The Raven and the Dancing Tiger

Thank you one and all for your support! Am so excited to be part of this!

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