My next novel, War Among the Crocodiles is now available!

I really like this novel, though I didn’t necessarily enjoy the process of writing it as much as I generally do.

I wrote this novel out of order. I had to follow one character’s story, then another, then another. Even after they started interacting, I still would end up just following one character, then writing in the next one. I’ve never written a novel out of order before. I hope my muse never makes me do that again.

Part of why my brain did that to me, however, was because the ending is still so very emotional for me. My brain lied to me about how the book ended.

When I finally got to the ending, I realized it was good that my brain had lied to me. I wouldn’t have been able to write the end with the depth that it needed. I would have shied away.

This is the first trilogy that I’ve ever finished. It will not be the last. I have another Cassie book planned, as well as another Franklin. And a Princess Troll to go along with the changeling one. Plus Dwarven Wars and Immortals’ War.

SO MUCH TO WRITE. Not enough time.

But go! Check out War Among the Crocodiles. It’s available at your favorite retailers.