If you saw the previous post, you’ll know that Knotted Road Press is having a “Going to Grandma’s Sale.”

The Raven and the Dancing Tiger is on sale for one week only for $0.99. Auberon and Darklady’s Carnal Archives are also on sale.


This last weekend was Orycon. It was lovely to see all the people we did manage to see, though I know I missed a lot of people as well! Orycon is always lots of fun for us, though we also did a lot of networking as well.

And for me, that’s a lot of the reason why I go to cons. I do like to give back to the community, to help others along this path that I’ve been going down, as well as to learn what other folks are doing. But I also network, gaining friends as well as potential clients.

Also spent a lot of time on the drive home looking ahead. Knotted Road Press is a lot bigger than it used to be. I’ll have a year-end post at some point. And there are plans, yes, plans! on how to make it bigger still. (Insert cackling laughter here.)


The story this week is, “Prophesy in Shadows.” It’s another story from “The Guardian Hound” detailing the birth of the shadows. I really liked this story. I had a lot of fun telling it, exploring the world of the clans, in particular, the viper clan.

It’s on sale for $0.99 from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBooks. Enjoy!

Prophesy in Shadows


Bernardo serves at the primary temple of the Viper clan, in Guatemala, taking care of the mystics who read the sacred smoke.

When Bernardo’s lifelong dream of having his own vision comes true, he must go on a long and dangerous journey, from the high mountains to the sea, and beyond.

Can he trust his traveling companion to get him there safely? Or will the shadows in his vision stop them both?

This story is set in “The Shadow Wars” series, and is part of the novel, “The Guardian Hound.”

Here and gone!

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