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Fiction River:Superpowers

The story this week was originally written for a Fiction River anthology. The spec for the anthology involved teens discovering their superpowers.

I wrote one story (The Glass Girl) but I was afraid it was just too weird. So I wrote a second story, this one, Mover’s Inc.

However, I decided to go with the story I really loved, and submitted the first story to Fiction River, not this one.

The Glass Girl did turn out to be too weird for the editor of the superpowers anthology. However, other editors loved it well enough that it sold to a different Fiction River anthology. (The premise: A Japanese teen-aged girl turns into a glass box and carries hope into the slums of Tokyo.) (Okay, so it was a little weird. Written very much like a manga.) (It will be coming out December 2016.)

I have garnered a couple of really nice rejection letter with this story. And it’s much lighter, sillier, than most of the science fiction I write.

So I figured I’d bring it to you, as the last brand new stories that I’d publish with the Baker’s Dozen Redux. (Next week I’m doing another Shadow War’s short story.)



Jeremy wants to be like his big brother, and do well at Movers, Inc., where they teach people how to use their telekenetic powers.

But Jeremy’s power is…fading.

Jeremy is willing to do anything to strengthen his powers. Even if it means going to a shrink and talking about his, ugh, feelings.

Available for $0.99 at Amazon, Kobo Books, and iBookstore.

Here and gone!


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