A Sword's Poem

While I was writing the novel A Sword’s Poem I came to realize that there was a huge, long backstory for one of the main characters, namely, the priestess Ayumi.

While I was at the fantasy workshop earlier this year, I decided to write that story.

So here it is – The Healer’s Daughter.


Ayumi has a magical talent for healing.

Unfortunately, her father, and society in general during Heian era Japan, won’t allow women to work.

Can Ayumi find a life for herself that doesn’t involve an odious marriage and wasting away, shunned and hidden in dim corridors like most women? Or does she have to take her own life, as her mother did?

This story is the prequel to the novel A Sword’s Poem.

Available for $0.99 at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo Books and iBookstore.

The Healer’s Daughter


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