PM_Cover_Final_600x900I have two stories set in the 1800s in Victoria, Canada, dealing with the tong.

Though this one takes place chronologically before the second, I wrote the second first.

I remember how much fun I had writing the first story set here. My sweetie and I had gone up to Victoria, Canada, and had spent sometime wandering through the old Chinatown there. (Second largest in North America…) Then I found some books at a used bookstore, and I was hooked.

There are other stories that I have for this place and these characters. I just need to find the time to write them all!

This story has no fantasy in it. It’s straight up crime. However, I think that if you enjoy this sort of historic, Asian milieu, you might enjoy my novel Paper Mage.


Coming to Canada, the New World, to win his fortune was the first gamble Mei Quon took. Working in Victoria on a crooked game of fan tan, pleasing clients, instead of breaking his back with the railroad was the second.

Now, throwing in his lot with one of the tongs might be his biggest gamble yet.

Previously published in Fiction River: Past Crime.

Available for $0.99 at Amazon, Kobo Books, and iBookstore.

New World Gambles


Here and gone!


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