Community Service, like many of the other stories I’m publishing during this Baker’s Dozen Redux challenge, have received some very positive rejections. (This one almost sold but I was stupid and didn’t take the offer when I should have.)

This short story isn’t really like any of my novels, however. For one, it’s science fiction. Kinda hard SF, in some ways, and I don’t have any hard SF novels.

However, I realized that it is like a lot of my other hard SF short stories. Like Touch Like Slow Honey. Like Hunting Ghosts in the Machine. Like Obsessions.

Most of my hard SF is not happy. The stories are visceral and disturbing. I have another hard SF story that I might do as part of this series (might not) that also fits into this mode perfectly.

One of the reasons why I’ve been doing the Baker’s Dozen Redux is because I figured out that I have many different readers. Some readers might like all of my stories. Many won’t. I’d estimated that I probably had 3-4 different types of readers.

After reviewing my hard SF stories, I realized that I probably have one other type of reader. The reader of my SF, which isn’t anything like my fantasy.

So strap yourselves in for another hard SF ride, likeTouch

Only this time, we’re surfing all the way down, catching that last wave.


CJ and her crew live in the big domed cities on the moon and do what most teens do best: screw off, as well as mess with the system.

This time, however, some of her crew have gone too far.

Available for $0.99 at Amazon, Kobo Books, and iBookstore.

Here and gone!

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