Free fiction Tuesday…

Yes, it’s Tuesday again. Got another story for you.

This story is historic fiction. It’s one of The Shadow Wars stories, the first one in The Guardian Hound.

PM_Cover_Final_600x900I started my career writing historic fantasy. I’d always been fascinated with history, as well as with China. So I combined my two passions and wrote Paper Mage. It’s the novel I’m still best known for among readers.

I figure, if you like this story, you might like one of my other historic novels, such as Paper Mage, A Sword’s Poem, Caves of Buda, or even The Jaguar and the Wolf.

I find that about one out of every three stories I tell is either straight historic, or has historic elements (like The Guardian Hound.)

However, I don’t assume that the readers who like my historic fantasy will like the contemporary fantasy. So there will be more historic fantasy to come.

In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this short story!

Shadows' Door

Hans can never do anything right. He’s a disappointment to his father, his employer, even the hound clan.

But Hans’ Grandpapa was a brilliant Apotheker, and his old books contain many potions.

Maybe Hans can find just the right one. . .Or maybe he makes a serious mistake.

This story is set in “The Shadow Wars” series, and is part of the novel, The Guardian Hound.

Available for $0.99 as an ebook from Amazon, Kobo Books, Barnes and Noble, and iBookstore.


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