Yes, it’s Tuesday again. Got another story for you.

This story is historic fiction. It’s one of The Shadow Wars stories, the first one in The Guardian Hound.

PM_Cover_Final_600x900I started my career writing historic fantasy. I’d always been fascinated with history, as well as with China. So I combined my two passions and wrote Paper Mage. It’s the novel I’m still best known for among readers.

I figure, if you like this story, you might like one of my other historic novels, such as Paper Mage, A Sword’s Poem, Caves of Buda, or even The Jaguar and the Wolf.

I find that about one out of every three stories I tell is either straight historic, or has historic elements (like The Guardian Hound.)

However, I don’t assume that the readers who like my historic fantasy will like the contemporary fantasy. So there will be more historic fantasy to come.

In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this short story!

Shadows' Door

Hans can never do anything right. He’s a disappointment to his father, his employer, even the hound clan.

But Hans’ Grandpapa was a brilliant Apotheker, and his old books contain many potions.

Maybe Hans can find just the right one. . .Or maybe he makes a serious mistake.

This story is set in “The Shadow Wars” series, and is part of the novel, The Guardian Hound.

Available for $0.99 as an ebook from Amazon, Kobo Books, Barnes and Noble, and iBookstore.


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