Continuing on this Baker’s Dozen Redux, I have a new story to offer.

Out of the Woods is a post-apocalyptic story. However, it’s more of a thriller than anything else.

Going back to one of my original premise, and the genesis of the Baker’s Dozen Redux–I rarely write stories that feel similar. I don’t believe I have a lot of readers who will enjoy everything I write.

However, for this story, I do have a couple of novels that have a similar “feel” if you will.

Those are the Cassie books, Poisoned Pearls and Tainted Waters. (Next year to be joined by Spoiled Harvest. Then eventually by Bloodied Ice.)

So if you enjoy this short story, you might also enjoy those novels.

This short story was written for an invitation only anthology, Tales From an Alien Campfire. The theme behind the anthology: Most science fiction is written in urban settings. Let’s get some science fiction stories that take place in the woods.

I hope you enjoy my take on it!


Alarmists had warned how fragile modern civilization was. Unfortunately, they’d been proven right.

Tamara had survived the riots in Seattle. The bombing of the Lewis-McChord military base. The collapse.

She sure as hell is going to survive a group of rednecks hunting her, and get out of the woods.

Originally published in,Tales From an Alien Campfire.

Available for $0.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Kobo Books, and iBookstore.

Here and gone!

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