Five things make a post…

1. The latest coffee roast is a special Brazilian coffee from an estate. I tried a different recipe this time – started off with a lower temperature then turned it hot.

OMG does it make WONDERFUL coffee. The whole beans in no way prepare you for what the coffee smells like when ground. There are at least 14 additional layers, including citrus notes, that I at least can’t smell in the bean.

Am planning on trying that again.

2. The wedding skirt is mostly finished. I’ve hemmed it (thanks to my lovely matron of honor and fiancee.) I’ve put in the zipper. The only remaining things are some hooks for the waistband, as well as some artful tacks for the flounces. Though they flounce beautifully on their own, I’m going to add a couple stitches here and there to keep them in those general positions. As well as link the lining to the skirt.

2a) I’ve added buttons to my vest. Am still struggling to figure out the buttonholes. The actual buttonhole function on this machine doesn’t work. May actually break down and purchase a sewing machine. All my machines have been hand-me-downs.

3. I have no word count goals for July. Whatever words I get done will be enough. Period.

4. Am willing to find better gods (or better sacrifices, even) to help bring this heatwave to an end. Am SO TIRED of this weather. It isn’t what I signed up for, moving here to Seattle. Y’all are on notice.

5. Wedding is less than two weeks away. EEEEEEEPPPPPP!!!!!!!

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