Glitter fingers

Yes, there is glitter.

And as we all know, glitter is forever.

But I thought people might be interested in a wedding dress update.

Warning – lots of pictures ahead!

wedding vest me

This is the vest that I’ll be wearing. It’s got an open back. I haven’t finished fitting it yet because I’ll be wearing it over the skirt, and I need to finish the skirt to get accurate measurements. It’s ivory satin, over lining, and over that is the netting with glitter.

netting with glitter

Not sure how well that shows up here. But yes, netting with glitter.

Lots and lots of glitter.

skirt pattern

This is the skirt pattern. Notice the flounces. They’re all made of that netting with glitter. There are 6 flounces. 41 yards of horsehair braid around the edges of it.

Flounce being constructed

So this is one of the flounces, with the horsehair braid pinned being pinned into the hem.

Today I’ll finish the flounces. Tomorrow, I start sewing the skirt together. Wish me luck!