The Soul Thief

WOO and HOO, y’all!

One of my favoritest books is The Popcorn Thief.

For the longest time, I thought that Franklin was just a one-off. That there wasn’t a second novel.

But Franklin started talking to me after a bit. Told me that there was more of his story, if I’d just shut up and listen for a bit.

I’m so glad I did.

The blurb for The Soul Thief:

Ghosts get stuck sometimes.

Franklin sees it as his duty to help them along, get them to pass from this earth to the Beyond.

But some ghosts start returning. Haunting Franklin. Destroying his crops.

Franklin learns he must use an ancient, powerful blade to force the ghosts back Beyond.

However, someone else wants that blade, for purposes that involve life and death, not just for the ghosts, but for all the living as well.

The Soul Thief will be generally available June 30th. For now, you can preorder your copy from Amazon, Kobo Books, and iBooks.

If you’d like a real bargain, I’m still participating in The Write Stuff story bundle. The bundle won’t be around forever, so go check it out!

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