I ran a Goodreads giveaway this past week for Poisoned Pearls, in anticipation of the sequel, Tainted Waters.

I wanted to thank everyone who signed up, who put the book on their “To Be Read” list, who’ve read the book and have done reviews. I really appreciate it. I sent out the copies this morning-they both should arrive before the end of May.

I’ll be doing one more give away of Poisoned Pearls,, then a give away of Tainted Waters just before the book comes out at the end of May.


I adore Cassie, I love her Voice, and I am pleased with where she ends up in Tainted Waters. I hope you are too.

There will be other NEWS in a couple weeks (I’ve signed contracts but can’t really talk about it yet.)

Today’s coffee is a Sumatran bean with a medium roast. The bean itself has such a dark, rich, heavy flavor, I was very unsuccessful doing a lighter roast with it. This medium roast though is divine. I’d been thinking that I wouldn’t get this bean again, since the previous roasts weren’t very satisfying. Now I believe I will try this bean again.

Next up: an Ethiopian bean from my local cooperative. Will roast that next week.

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