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I’m doing a giveaway of the first of the Cassie stories – Poisoned Pearls, in anticipation of the publication of the sequel, Tainted Waters! The sequel will be generally available May 26th.

The giveaway will last from May 11 – May 14.

I really liked writing the first book, Poisoned Pearls. Cassie has such Voice. As does Hunter. It was so much to just let her go for it.

I hesitated writing the sequel, Tainted Waters, though. I’m not very good with writing series. I have what I call “butterfly brain”–always flying off to something new.

However, I got a brilliant piece of advice from Kristine Kathryn Rusch, who told me that the key to writing sequels was to make each story unique. Same characters and world, but completely different novel.

That enabled me to write Tainted Waters. For me, it’s a completely different novel. Cassie isn’t drifting, but she’s still trying to find her place in the new world that she’s been shoved into.

You don’t need to read Poisoned Pearls to understand Tainted Waters. I tried my hardest to make sure that the second book was understandable without the first.

However, I do believe that reading Poisoned Pearls first will enhance your enjoyment of Tainted Waters.

So….go sign up for the giveaway! See if you can win a copy! And enjoy!

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