Auberon Cover

Nope. Not one of mine.

But the first novel by my sweetie, Blaze Ward.

It’s space opera, military SF, with great characters and a great heart.

Here’s the blurb:

Jessica Keller has a reputation as a maverick commander. It almost got her court martialed. Now it has gotten her a new command in an obscure sector, with orders to ignite a new front in the eternal war.

But her old nemesis, Imperial Admiral Emmerich Wachturm, stands in her way.

Worlds will fall before their feud ends, but only if she can forge her crew of strangers into a weapon. Otherwise, disaster looms.

Available for $5.99 as an ebook from your favorite retailers, $14.95 as a paperback from Createspace.

I’m really excited about this novel coming out. And if you’re local, we’ll be having a release party at Cupcake Royale on Saturday. Send me a message if you need the details (we tried to invite everyone, but we may have missed people.)

So go! Enjoy! It’s a good novel. And I’m not just saying that because I’m biased… (^_^)

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