Business for Breakfast V2

Yup. I wrote another one. There’s at least one more that I really want to write, and it’s about running a vacation rental. There are more that I’d like to do, for example, partnering with a lawyer to do one on contracts. But we’ll see what I have time to do.

Here’s the blurb:

This book isn’t going to give you all the answers about publishing. Everything is changing too fast for that.

Instead, this book will help you figure out the questions you need to be asking, right now and tomorrow and direct you to areas you need to think about.

This book covers some of the universal things in publishing, such as: organizing your computer, your publishing schedule, contracts, etc. It also highlights the things that are driven by the genre of your project, such as covers, price, and marketing.

Learn from someone who has already learned some of this the hard way. And continues to figure it out.

Some of the topics discussed include:

Producing Easy Books
Organizing Your Computer
Ideas In Marketing
What Happens When You Do Strike it Big?
Distribution and Branding

I will be posting a chapter from the book once a week on Thursdays on my blog.

You can read the book a chapter at a time there, or go and get the whole thing at one of your favorite retailers.

See also Business for Breakfast, Volume 1: The Beginning Professional Writer.