The Morning Coffee

Coffee beans! Yesterday, I roasted a fresh batch of coffee beans. This morning I had my first cup from those beans.

One of the lovely things that I’ve discovered from roasting my own beans is that generally, they smell different when they’re whole, in the canister, from when they’re ground. Because of my cold, I couldn’t smell all the differences between the two forms, but the ground did have berry notes that the whole didn’t.

When I made the coffee, I was rather impressed by how smooth it tasted. I generally put cream in my coffee because it mellows out the bitterness. This batch of beans is so smooth I could drink it without cream–there’s no bitterness.

It’s a really good cup of coffee. Very close to what I would call my nirvana roast.

The only thing I would change? It’s still a bit green at the end. I would like something just a shade darker, more robust. Will roast the beans maybe 5 seconds longer next time.

But damn. I’m so pleased at how good this tastes!

Tomorrow, the roast may taste different. It can take as long as three days to get the full flavor of a roast. I’m looking forward to more madcap experiments!

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