Of Myst and Folly


My new novel comes out today!

This one, is, uhm, kinda different.

Here’s the blurb:

A post-apocalyptic fairy tale.

Bombs destroyed all the major cities of the world almost two centuries ago.

The bombs opened rifts. Magic and myst flowed into the world.

Electronic devices no longer work. Only simple mechanical devices. Man learned to farm again, in curving rows that myst can’t gather in.

For decades, the myst has gained strength slowly. Destroyed people, fields, villages a little at a time. Because the myst is scattered, unfocused.

When the myst finds its champion, will man survive?

Available for $5.99 as an ebook, $13.95 as a paperback.

Read the prequel to the novel, Of Rifts and Myst for free!

Background for Of Myst and Folly

It all started with a trench.

My fiancé needed to dig a trench going from his well house to the well pump.

It turned out we needed a 70′ long, 3′ deep trench.

The ground, however, was mostly rocks, with a little dirt holding them together.

I spent a few weekends helping him dig this trench. (I considered it my workout for those weeks.) We used shovels and a digging bar.

And that’s how I discovered the blue-dragon-egg rocks.

Blue Dragon Egg Rocks

I accidentally split one in two with the digging bar.

I had to capture those rocks in a story, somehow. I had a story due for the Uncollected Anthology right after that–the Winter Witches issue.

I wrote the short story The Last Dancing Leaves. However, I also recognized that I wasn’t finished with that world when I finished the story.

As soon as I could, I was able to write the novel. There were just too many tales that needed to be told.

I may still revisit this world, tell some of the stories of the small gods, like the mechanical man of Boeing field, or The Whiskered One.