Nope, not one of mine.

This is one being published by Knotted Road Press.

DarkladyDarklady’s Carnal Archives and Mesmerizing Hate Mail

I met Theresa down at Orycon last year. I’m super excited that my publishing company is bringing her work out! It’s a collection of reprinted columns over a wide range of topics including love, sex, BDSM, porn, gender roles, transsexuality, monogamy, polyamory, traditional marriage, and non-traditional relationships.

This book contains a lot of explicit content, but it’s also educational about such matter, like BDSM equipment, safer sex gear, and the care of your partner.

Plus, there’s a rather choice selection of the hate mail that she’s received over the years for being so outspoken.

So go ahead. Take a look through Darklady’s world. You might enjoy it.

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