Tomorrow, my new novel Of Myst and Folly will be available.

Today, I’m letting you know about the prequel short story that I wrote for the novel.


The blurb:

It sounded like a bomb going off.

But it couldn’t have been a bomb. Or not just a bomb.

Bombs didn’t tear rifts in the sky.

Holes that opened the way for alien mists.

Nathan really didn’t care about that.

He needed to get out of the office building he was trapped in and get to his kids.

And nothing was going to stop him. Not alien mist, not magic, not even the apocalypse.


I wrote the story for a workshop. The anthology that I was writing for wanted stories that were set during the apocalypse. Not pre- or post-apocalypse. (The story made it onto the editor’s hold list, but never made it onto the buy list.)

This story was my take on the start of the apocalypse for the world in Of Myst and Folly.

Read the story here for free!

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