I’m not working on a novel right now. Instead, I’m writing a short story a week (sometimes two) for an upcoming workshop. It’s been a lot of fun, lots of different characters and ideas. Possibly the start of a couple of series characters (if I can convince my butterfly brain to write about the same people in the same world!)

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about today. Instead, I wanted to focus on one of the other loves of my life.


For Christmas, I got a coffee bean roaster, the Fresh Roast SR500. I have been having mad, wild experiments roasting coffee beans ever since.

It’s a whole new field for me to geek out over. So many variables! So many tweaks to be made with every single batch! So much to learn!

It’s been fabulous.

This morning’s coffee is a Coasta Rica bean that came with the starter pack. Beginner beans, as it were. These beans have a really green, bright taste and finish. This batch is roasted for an entire minute longer than the previous batch. It still has a lot of that bright finish, not as much, and the front of it is very mellow and caramelized.

It isn’t my nirvana roast. I’m still searching for that. But I can see it from here.

What have *you* been geeking out to lately?