Pulse Pounders

And yes, I have a short story in it–“The Messenger”–a historic short story set in the 1890s about the Chinese Tong in Vancouver, Canada.

My story doesn’t appear in the regular Fiction River edition. My story is only possible because of the generosity of Marc Lefebvre and Kobo. They helped create the Kobo special edition, which is currently only available at Kobobooks.com

Two more additional items of squeee about this anthology:

1) It contains an original, never before published short story by Frank Herbert.

2) Yes, my name is on the cover of the Kobo special edition. (I know, I should have listed that first. But I was feeling generous.) (^_^)

So go! Read! Enjoy! I really love some of the short stories in this anthology. I think you will as well.