Beyond the Mirror now available!

In addition to Poisoned Pearls being 35% off today at Kobobooks, I have other NEWS.

Beyond the Mirror, Volume 3: Alternate WorldsBeyond the Mirror, Volume 3: Alternate Worlds is now available!

The Blurb:

Come with us as we explore Alternate Worlds, places where Science and Fiction intersect. See how the past could have changed, how the present might be greater than you imagine, or how different futures could unfold. Return to the dieselpunk pulp era to adventure against the fascists. Go to war with the Red Army heavy tanks. Hide in the shadows of the Gods. Travel across the stars and the future, to uncover lost secrets from the distant past.

From the author:

One and Two were pure fantasy. In this volume, I wanted to branch out and do other things. As I grow in my craft, I have other stories that need telling, other places I have visited, other dreams to dream.

Speculative (read: Science) Fiction lets you go almost anywhere and explore how the worlds might be different. Here I wanted to do the same. The results were dieselpunk, time travel, lots of alternate history, literary fiction, and space opera. I like them. I hope you will as well.

All of the stories in Beyond the Mirror, Volume 3: Alternate Worlds are also available for sale, individually.

I know, I know. Generally books are published on Tuesdays. But since this is Cyber Monday, we thought we’d make an exception.

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