No, not the waking up at 3 AM and craving candied, cajun bacon. (I’m not the only one who does that, right?)

But that hunger, that drive to succeed.

I was really busy for a while this summer. Too busy. Busier than I would choose to be. Unsustainably busy.

And as part of that, as well as a result of leaving the day job and writing full time, I lost the plot for a while. I wasn’t dancing on that keen edge of hunger. I wasn’t pushing forward as much as I need to.

Thanks to a class I’m currently taking (more on that in a few weeks once I’ve finished it) as well as a lot of reflection and long conversations with my sweetie, I’ve regained that hunger. That drive. That need.

It isn’t always comfortable, living this hungry. I get that. However, I need this level of drive, of hunger, to succeed at writing full time. To make enough money from my fiction to support myself. I need it to make sure that I get my butt in the chair and I do the work. Beyond discipline. Beyond habit. Part excitement, part stubbornness, part I will win and nothing is going to stop me.

So…yeah. Hungry. And I will continue to remind myself about this.

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