Gracie's Fire CoverGracie’s Fire, the second Gracie story, is now available!

This is the story that I sold to the anthology, Clockwork Universe. It was my first steampunk story. However, I liked it so much, and I liked Gracie and her world so much, that I’ve written more stories about her.

The first, chronologically speaking, is Gracie and the Whirligig.

This is the second story available, but there are a couple of stories that I’ve already written that take place chronologically between the two. I’ll publish those later this year.

The blurb:

Mama may not have taught Gracie much.

But Mama did make sure Gracie was well-versed in the essentials: shooting, moonshining, and charming gentlemen callers.

And Gracie is gonna need all of ’em when some strange orange folk come to the Gold Mine Saloon.

This story takes place around 1890, in Stockton, CA.

This story is available at all the usual retailers as well as for free, for the next two weeks, until the end of September.