I’m in the middle of my second draft for Poisoned Pearls. It’s been going well. As expected, I’ve added a bunch of words, even in the sections where I wasn’t adding new scenes (of which I’ve already added two.)

I like this novel a whole lot more now that I can step back and look at it. I always try to practice new things with every novel, and with this one, I was working on Voice with Setting. It’s one of the reasons why it turned out to be Urban Fantasy, because the city of Minneapolis is a character. As is the winter weather.

I will finish the “make it not broke draft” this weekend and send it off to my first readers. I’ve spent a lot more time reading this one out loud as part of the make it not broke process, because my ear always catches things my eye misses. Plus, it’s a much better check for me for Voice.

This past weekend, I had a mini-meltdown. (I’m not prone to meltdowns, mini or otherwise.) I took a realistic look at my schedule, and finally forced myself to admit that I can’t keep up the writing pace I have been. I’ve been trying, really hard, but I just can’t. I know other writers can. I don’t have the muscles or know-how or what have you.

So I had to change my entire writing schedule, what I had planned to write, for this year and next year, to take into account the slower pace. As well as change my publishing schedule. I have some holes in it now, that I hope I’ll be able to fill later.

I think I’ll be happier at the slower pace. I’m certainly more sane, and have done things this week like cleaned the house, laundry and dishes–those things that have been piling up.

I still wish I could write more, write faster, write better. And maybe someday, I will be able to. But for now, I’m giving myself a little more time to think and to breathe.