Popcorn Thief FinalThe Popcorn Thief is now available!

The blurb:

Franklin loves popcorn.

He used to love his mama more. Then she died, but didn’t pass on, and now haunts him like all the other ghosts. Only popcorn brings him solace.

Every year, Franklin competes against Karl for the Kentucky State Fair blue ribbon prize for the best popping corn.

When an angry ghost leaves an ear of corn–stolen from Karl’s crop, with Franklin’s fingerprints on it–at the scene of a murder, Franklin knows his troubles just started.

I love this novel. I really enjoyed writing it.

Generally speaking, when people ask if me if I have a favorite novel, I respond that the novel I’m currently writing is my favorite. And for the most part, that’s true. I am having a blast writing the current novel.

On the other hand, I still really love Popcorn Thief. It’s quirky, weird, and fun.

Read the first two chapters of the novel as a PDF

It’s available for $5.99 as an ebook, and $14.95 as a trade paperback.

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