I feel very accomplished this evening.

I’ve finally figured out how to upload files directly to iTunes/iBooks.

No, I haven’t verified that everything uploaded correctly and that the books I’ve sent there are all pretty and shit.

Just let me bask in the error-free moment a while, all right?

I finished going through the “make it not broke” draft of “When the Moon.” I’m pleased with this novel. It’s a dark, epic fantasy. Is there such a category? Hopefully there’s an audience for it. I’ve spent the last few weeks, though, 6+ hours a day, working on it. It’s been very satisfying to devote those sorts of concentrated blocks of time to a single project.

However, I also finished today, instead of tomorrow. A whole day early!!!

Does that mean I’m taking tomorrow off? Banish the thought.

Tomorrow, when I finish the final revisions on the last of the anthology stories, I’m going to start reading “Clockwork Kingdom.” And outlining and plotting.

That’s right. It’s time to start writing the sequel. Starting Monday, actually. I plan to write the next novel in 10 days. Because that’s how I roll…

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