2013 Writing Numbers

Because it’s the end of the year, I’ve been updating a spreadsheet that I use to keep track of all the words I’ve written for the year.

I surprised myself once again. At the end of last year, I wrote about what I wrote and published. I did a complete accounting, which I suppose I will do again this year, at some point.

I didn’t publish nearly as much this year.

I did write more.

Last year, I wrote 203,814 words. Approximately. (^_^)

This year, I’ve written about 308,759 words so far. I have one more short story to write, so I figure that number will be up to at least 312,000 or so. That averages out to about 854 words per day.

Which isn’t bad, considering I had a day job that sucked away a lot of my time, as well as some major life rolls toward the end of the year.

Next year, well, I plan on writing a lot more than that.

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