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One of my favorite sites for microscopy images is Dennis Kunkel’s site.

Fair warning: This site is huge. It can be a time suck, because once you click into it, you start going through pages and pages of the most fascinating images.

Me–I prefer looking at crystals, algae, etc. Thinking about bacteria that may or may not be living on my skin is disturbing.


This is Vitamin C. It’s also an amazing alien ice cave. Or possibly ice in a river flow. I love how jagged yet fluid these crystals seem. They could almost be feathers floating down a river, to mark the passing of a great Raven warrior.


Another Vitamin C picture. This is more of a jungle scene to my eyes, with palm trees and grass and who is hiding just beyond there? What kind of alien life form lives in such a colorful world?


And one last one–a common, everyday item.

Paper towel.

I see a natural forest here, a defensive wall, grown up around the castle, protecting the…gem, inside.

What do you see? Would any of these inspire you?

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