Today, I figured I’d turn back to one of my first loves, fashion. I also do these blogs over on the Book View Cafe blog. Feel free to comment here or over there.


I adore the way her skirt flares up, how like a bird she is, and yet, so powerful. Though she’s in black, and backlit, my first thought is, “how do I take such a being who is poised for evil and portray her as good”?

I think a lot about good and evil, and I write about it as well (though I try not to ever be preachy.) I think a lot about the stereotypes, how to play with them, and overcome them.

For example, this picture:


I love how she’s going up. I’d love to have some kind of adapted version of this for a cover sometime. I find the image very striking.

But is she going to heaven? Or is she so determined to climb to the top that she’s creating her own version of Hell, not only for herself, but for the entire world?

And then there’s this one, here:


Is she good? Evil? Just her own being? I love the pop of yellow color on her lips. Why is that there? What does that symbolize?

These pictures don’t tell as much of a story as other photo shoots I’ve seen, not viewed together. Yet each, individually, has something to it.

What do you see? What would you write about? If these pictures inspire you to Story, please, go ahead. Whatever you write will be 100% different than anything I ever get around to doing.

All pictures from ELLE Thailand. The shoot was called, “Magnificent and Holy.”

Photo Credit: Nat Prakobsantisuk for ELLE Thailand via TFS.