Once more, with feeling

I’ve started working on the next novel, “Siren’s Call.” I wrote the first three chapters while I was in New Orleans, and for various reasons, stopped.

On first glance, I had assumed that I could use at least half of what I’d originally written.

I just finished redrafting the first chapter. And yes, much of it was redraft, that is, I would look at what was there, would say, “That won’t do at all. Delete. Delete. Delete.” And then wrote from scratch what should have been there instead.

I figure I only kept about 25% of what I’d originally written. If that.

So the first chapter is 800+ words longer, and oh, so much better. It’s about 4500 words long now. I anticipate I’ll do that with the next two chapters as well.

I’m so very pleased with all of it.

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