I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors. It wasn’t until I bought my house back in 2011 that I discovered that I really like gardening.

I have lots of books on habitation of different areas, like the plants and flowers of the Yucatan (which I used for “The Jaguar and the Wolf”). I have similar books for Japan and China. They’re all research books, which means the purchase was a business expense. I didn’t buy them just because they were pretty. No! Really!

Anyway. Imagine my delight when I found this site — Flowers of India.


Here’s one of my favorite flowers, the Prickly Water Lilly:

Prickly Waterlily

If you were doing a dark fairy tale, this would be the plant that would give you riddles to guide you, but only in the middle of the night, and only after you fed it a live mouse.

Or this one, the Sea Poison Tree:

Sea Poison Tree

All parts of the tree contain poison, saponin, which can be used to stun fish. The fruits are lantern shaped, and can float on the sea for up to two years. So what about the tiny creatures who use these pods as boats? They’re poisonous, but durable, and keep away the sea creatures? What kind of sea battles do the warring tribes have?

What kinds of nature inspire you? What flowers or trees or bushes show up frequently in your work?

As always, feel free to commit story based on these posts, if you get inspired. Whatever you write will be 100% different than anything I write.


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