I’ve been really sick the last week. This morning, I woke up and finally felt better. Not well, but more like I’ve been running on empty for the last week, with no energy at all, and this morning, the batteries were half full.

Note: Not all the way full. Merely half.

So today, and probably tomorrow, are the dangerous days. The days when I want to push because I can finally do something (anything, really, besides just sleep.) The days when I finally have enough brain that I’m bored with being sick.

I’m forcing myself to rest today. I’m reading “God’s War” by Kameron Hurley, staying off the computer, and not doing anything.

I am not used to this sort of inactivity. But I need to get well, truly well. So I’ll drink my tea, read my book, and let the list of things I need to do pile up higher. This way, by Monday, I’ll be able to tackle that list with my usual energy.

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