I’ve been in a weird headspace for a while, now. I’ve taken steps to try to identify the problems and address them. The biggest problem is, though, that there are way, way, way too many items on my to do list. I filled an entire page and a half of my legal pad with items. Which is why my attention span is possibly 42 seconds, and my distraction setting is permanently on “Run away! Run away!”

All that being said, one of my lovely new distractions has been the game Ingress. I ended up walking more than 8 miles playing it on Sunday. I’ve done close to 5 miles today. I’ve been enjoying the story telling aspects of it — the background for the game and the players is being released piecemeal, and in a variety of different media: video, just audio, story boards, “memos”, “chats”, posters, pictures, etc.

For example:


This memo has a lot of numbers on it, that are probably codes for the game, once they get decrypted. If the image doesn’t have these (or even if it does) you should still inspect the code for more codes.

But now, it’s time to be a little less distracted. Am going to sit down and write.

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