I’ve gotten into the habit of writing. I’m going to have to start the day job again tomorrow, but really, all I want to do is to write the next chapter of “The Guardian Hound.”

Today I finished chapter six. This week, I only have to do one more chapter to reach my goal. However, since I’ve gotten into the habit of writing, I may do more than one more chapter.

Here’s the word count so far:

21851 / 60000

BY THE WAY: to those people who have subscribed to my newsletter, they’ve already seen the first half of the first scene of the new novel… If you’re interested in signing up, send me an email or go to my website and sign up. I promise to not spam you or sell your information. I will send out a newsletter quarterly, as well as when there’s a major announcement (like when a new novel is available.)

Back to the novel — I’m very, very pleased with the progress I’ve made. This novel is still strange, though. I’m writing things out of order, and I don’t usually do that. But at least I’m quickly identifying the gaps (if I’ve written too far) and going back to fix them.

However, if I didn’t have to go back to doing the day job, I think I could easily write a chapter a day, five days a week, taking the weekends off. I’d probably have time to write other things as well, like short stories, etc.

As efficient as I am, I still recognize that I could procrastinate less, do more. More time would mean more time for working out as well as reading.

But I’m taking tonight off (since I’ve finished my chapter for the day) and am just going to goof off for the rest of the night.

Tomorrow, and day job, will come soon enough.

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