I have this week off from the day job, and that’s been oh-so-lovely. This morning, I slept until I woke up, around 10:30. Boy, was that nice.

But I’ve also been writing. I’ve finished the first two chapters of the new novel, about 7000 words (7525 words, actually.) These chapters are turning out to be a bit longer than 3000 words, and I think that’s okay.

I have the next two chapters completely planned out in my head, so I think they’ll go fast (one a day, maybe, for the next couple days.)

If I wanted to, I could probably write a chapter a day, everyday, until I go back to work on the day job. That would mean I’d have the first seven chapters, about the first third of the novel finished.

However, I also want to do some other things this vacation, and not just write the whole time. There’s a quilt I need to finish, some cooking I want to do, etc.

Tomorrow I’ll get up earlier. And maybe I’ll quilt as well as write.

Or maybe I’ll just write. It’s so lovely to let myself get so lost in the words. In that way, this has been a true vacation so far for me.

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