Leveling up

Yesterday, I wrote a lot of words.

Really. A lot.

By the time I finished, I realized I had two chapters worth of material, not one. Approximately 4800 words.

Today, I typed up both chapters. They ended up being about 7000 words. (As part of my process, I always hand write everything first. But there were a couple of scenes missing from what I’d written yesterday, so I typed those up fresh and new this evening.)

I’m quite pleased with today’s work.

I’m also pleased with how my word count is adding up.

Tonight, I cracked 200K word total for the year. (200,057 words to be precise.)

I still plan on writing more this year. At least one more chapter, maybe two, so maybe another 7K words.

I’ve been enjoying this vacation, though it hasn’t been much of a vacation. It’s a break from the day job, but I’m probably working as hard, if not harder, than I usually do, with all the writing.

I can really see myself doing this fulltime.

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