Lack of progress…

I’m still so very sick, more sick now than I was last week in SF. Went to the doctor today–she wants to play the waiting game to see if this is a sinus infection or not, see how I’m feeling Thursday. I’m willing to wait, but I suspect waiting will just end up with me being sick longer.

I didn’t write a short story last week. I may miss this week as well. I have a short story ready to be published, however, I don’t have the blurb for it, I don’t have the brain to do the final look through or the conversion, so I may have to push that out a week as well. (It’s taken me over 30 minutes to do this much of a blog post. Yeah. I’m not well.)

At least I’m not worried about my final word count for the year.

I added up everything I’ve written for the year, then divided that by 365 to get the average. Without writing another word between now and the end of the year, I’ve already hit 513 words per day.

I will write more short stories this year. I may even try to “make up” the 1-2 weeks I’ve missed. But I don’t think I’ll push that average much higher, and I’m okay with that.

Averaging 500+ words per day, for every day of the year, feels like enough of an accomplishment.

So while there’s a lack of recent progress, at least I made progress earlier this year.

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