So the good news is that I didn’t break any of the bones in my foot. I have injured it though, bad enough that I need to stay off it, keep it iced and elevated. (Fine line between stubborn and stupid, and I keep waltzing over it. Or rather, this time, Lindy Hopping over it.)

It means no dancing for the next month or so.

I will admit that I’m already bored of sitting.

I’ve finished all the edits on TRATDT. I’ll be uploading it to all the various outlets this weekend, and hopefully announcing its general availability on Monday.

If you’d like a preview, Here’s a link to the page.

And here’s a link to the first two chapters as a PDF.

Tonight, I start writing the next short story. No idea what I’m going to write, but I feel like writing something fun and light hearted, because it’s cold and rainy and my foot hurts.

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