Progress and movement

I hurt my foot about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I’ve been going kind of stir crazy, not able to walk around or do as much as I’d normally like, because I’m trying to stay off my foot, keep it elevated and icing it. (I haven’t been able to go dancing, either, and that’s been really hard.)

A big part of the problem is that my writing process is closely linked to walking. This afternoon I had an issue with the short story I was trying to finish — several issues, actually. My first instinct was to get up and go walk somewhere.

After I figured out what I could through merely writing, brainstorming, and taking notes, I eventually had to go walk. It wasn’t that far, and I was careful, walked more slowly than usual.

But I was only able to solve all the issues in the story by walking and thinking about it.

I came home and iced my foot again, elevating it. But really, this sucks. I’ve always said that the words flow better when my body is in motion. That hasn’t changed.

I currently despise the story I just finished. (“The Tortoise and the Maiden” — a fantasy set in ancient China.) I recognize that’s because I had so many issues and had to drag it from one path to another. I also know myself and my process well enough to know that when I look at the story in a few days I won’t hate it anymore.

In addition, I realized that I’m tired of writing short stories, with an emphasis on short. I like writing novels and more complicated things. So the next couple stories don’t have to be as short — which is good because I have another Sadie Louise story (one of the origin stories for “The Piano Time Rag.”) And that girl don’t say anything fast.

I’m going to put up another short story for free for next week. Thank you to everyone who bought “The Raven and the Dancing Tiger.” I’ve finished another short story in that universe, and I’ll be posting that eventually (I might wait until I’m closer to finishing the next novel.) I haven’t figured out which story yet…I have three that could go, but I’m only going to post one per week.

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