New story! Of Heaven And Hell. Also, Free Fiction!

Of Heaven And Hell

December 21st, 2012 hadn’t been the end of the world, only the Great Unraveling. The veils between the Seen and Unseen worlds shredded and the living learned they weren’t alone.

My Andrew, he is not the only one who faces such things as Heaven and Hell. For me though, it’s more personal, helping a friend who has lost so much of her soul.

This story is part of the Shredded Veil Mysteries, told from the point of view of the beautiful Antonia Hermino.

It was fun to write a story from Toni’s POV. In many ways, she was as I knew her alread, but in a few ways she surprised me. I like this story. This story is available for free for on my site for the next week.

It’s also available at all the usual locations:

Available on Amazon (Kindle)

Available on Barnes & Noble (Nook)

Available on Smashwords

Available on Kobo

I don’t know if I’ll write a short story this week. I told myself I didn’t have to. I’m not sure I can stop myself, though. We’ll see. I have a short story all ready to publish next week if I decide I don’t have to. Then I really will have to write a new story.

I’ll make these as separate announcements later this week as well, but I also wanted to announce them now:

“The Raven and the Dancing Tiger” is available as a paperback! It’ll take a few days to make its way through the system and show up on Amazon. But I’m so excited! The book is so pretty.

“Postcards From Hell” is available as a separate printed book — more like a chapbook than a paperback. Dean has been doing his short stories as printed books, and I thought I would try one as an experiment. I really like how it came out.

I will do Walking Gods as a paperback next.

I really love this new world of publishing that we live in.

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